Music Projects

Morristown – Where America Survived

Reflections of a Bayshore Painter – Glenn Rudderow

Ten Crucial Days – The Road to Liberty

The Hidden Child

Savannah is going to be a huge star and it’s beyond exciting to be working with her. We did 3 songs together and here’s one of them – “Dance With Me.” Dance pop track with a Middle Eastern vibe to it. We can imagine a video done to this song with Savannah in a Cleopatra outfit, waking up after her centuries old sleep deep inside the pyramid. Dancing with the hunky Egyptian servants, she seduces the Pharaoh and returns to her rightful place on the throne. Then she slays the Pharaoh. Heh, they did that kind of stuff back then! Turn it up loud and enjoy!

Dance With Me

I’ve just begun working on Cory “City” Fandel’s first CD. Cory is a hip hop artist from Hoboken, NJ and he’s the real deal. I’m super stoked about his future. Together, he and I are going to put out some potent tracks and I predict that he’s going to make a huge impact when his record drops later this year. We’ve just finished the first track entitled “In My Life.” The song is about Cory’s uncle, the legendary Marine, John Basilone, who was a WWII Medal of Honor recipient and American hero. The song features the wonderful singer, Faith. We want to thank Faith for giving us such a passionate performance on the track. We created this video as a way to introduce “In My Life” and honor Cory’s uncle.
“In My Life”
Cory “City” Fandel “ft. Faith”

Dramatic Underscore
A medley of some dramatic, evocative music. Cues from daytime dramas as well as other projects are represented. Some of the pieces contain dialog and sound effects.

Documentary Underscore
Here are sample cues from several of the more than 50 documentaries that Robert has scored. Many of the documentaries have gone on to win multiple awards.

Jingles/Commercial Music Beds
Jingles and commercial music beds are another area Robert has worked in covering all areas of production from creating the original music to recording the singers and voiceovers and delivery of the final mastered spot.

Children’s Music
Robert has also created music geared towards children. Aimed at providing an entertaining way to teach young people about facts, skills, culture and other educational subjects the music first and foremost has to have a smile to it. Blues, Hip Hop, Country, Folk, Rock, R&B – all styles can be used to help get the message across as long as FUN is the main groove.