Multiple award winning composer, Robert Sands, has been creating music for TV, film, song production, jingles and corporate video for over 25 years. Working out of his state-of-the-art recording facility in rural Hunterdon County, NJ, Robert’s creations run the gamut from fully electronic scores to acoustic ones, from producing a slamming R & B track one day to an old time country song the next. From his beginnings playing in rock bands as well as a stint as keyboardist for Robert Hazard and the Heroes (Hazard wrote “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”) Robert went on to work alongside Academy Award winning composer, Joe Renzetti, assisting with scores for Poltergeist III as well as other feature films and primetime television shows. TV Network daytime dramas are also something that Robert has been involved with, having spent 10 years scoring Another World, As The World Turns and Guiding Light. He was honored with two Emmy awards for his music during that period. With such a diverse background, Robert’s ability to create music in the widest varieties of genres clearly makes him a valuable addition to any creative project.

Robert’s versatility and attention to detail has earned him a total of four Emmy Awards as well as countless other awards and nominations for his eclectic, powerful and stimulating compositions. Passionate and evocative music is never in question – so whether you’re an up and coming artist looking to record the next huge hit song, an established pro wanting a new, edgy sound or a film maker who needs the perfect score – Robert’s aim is to take your project to the very highest level and to be an intrinsic part in helping you realize your vision.

  1. Amish Destiny 1:10
  2. Bayou Burnout 1:17
  3. Beautiful Sadness 2:00
  4. Dark Passages 2:36
  5. Dark Tension Groove 2:07
  6. Doll Face 0:58
  7. Rootsy Slide 1:25
  8. Funny Santa 0:47
  9. Halloween Party 0:49
  10. Hitchcock Suspense 2:21
  11. Hot Latin Nights 1:27
  12. Joyful Soul 0:51
  13. Let's Get Silly 1:55
  14. Mystical Nights 1:00
  15. Pawn Shop Shuffle 1:54
  16. Power and Glory - London Olympics 1:12
  17. Quirky Stuff 0:47
  18. A Shining Moment - London Olympics 1:50
  19. Toy Bar 0:48
  20. Very Film Noir 2:39
  21. Whimsical Witches 0:53
  22. All Hands On Deck 2:26
  23. Attack and Conquer 1:55
  24. Cafe Rio 1:41
  25. Ode to Bonnie 1:37
  26. Rio Warriors 1:22

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