A sample of some of Robert's TV music:
1. Power and Glory-London Olympics
2. A Shining Moment-London Olympics
3. Mystical Nights
4. Whimsical Witches
5. Very Film Noir
6. Hitchcock Suspense
7. Darkest Clouds
8. Evil Tension Groove
9. Rootsy Slide-Duck Dynasty
10. Pawn Shop Shuffle-Pawn Stars
11. Quirky Stuff
12. Bayou Burnout-Cajun Pawn Stars
13. Toy Bar
14. Let's Get Silly
15. Funny Santa-LI Medium
16. Duck Dynasty March
17. Joyful Soul-Houston Family Chronicles
18. Ultimate Matchup-NFL
19. Hot Latin Nights-Real Housewives of Miami
20. Deep Mystery
21. Dark Passages
22. Beautiful Sadness
23. Amish Destiny-Amish Mafia
24. Hot House-Maria Menounos
25. Doll Face
26. Halloween Party-Duck Dynasty Special
Multiple award winning composer, Robert Sands, has been creating music for TV, film, song production, jingles and corporate video for over 25 years. Working out of his state-of-the-art recording facility in rural Hunterdon County, NJ, Robert's creations run the gamut from fully electronic scores to acoustic ones, from producing a slamming R & B track one day to an old time country song the next. From his beginnings playing in rock bands as well as a stint as keyboardist for Robert Hazard and the Heroes (Hazard wrote "Girls Just Want To Have Fun") Robert went on to work alongside Academy Award winning composer, Joe Renzetti, assisting with scores for Poltergeist III as well as other feature films and primetime television shows. TV Network daytime dramas are also something that Robert has been involved with, having spent 10 years scoring Another World, As The World Turns and Guiding Light. He was honored with two Emmy awards for his music during that period. With such a diverse background, Robert's ability to create music in the widest varieties of genres clearly makes him a valuable addition to any creative project.

Robert's versatility and attention to detail has earned him a total of four Emmy Awards as well as countless other awards and nominations for his eclectic, powerful and stimulating compositions. Passionate and evocative music is never in question – so whether you're an up and coming artist looking to record the next huge hit song, an established pro wanting a new, edgy sound or a film maker who needs the perfect score – Robert's aim is to take your project to the very highest level and to be an intrinsic part in helping you realize your vision.
Morristown - Where America Survived
Robert recently completed the score to the NJN documentary entitled, "Morristown - Where America Survived." Bob Szuter, the director of the documentary, said of Robert's music - "As always, it was a pleasure to work with you. Your stuff in this show was flawless, and completely compelling. All your cuts hit the mark in setting the mood, and enlivening the entire doc. Again, great stuff."
To hear a sample of Robert's score click below
Reflections of a Bayshore Painter - Glenn Rudderow
South Jersey artist, Glenn Rudderow is showcased in this PBS documentary.
Click below to listen to a sample.
Ten Crucial Days - the Road to Liberty
Tough times on our Nation's march towards independence
Click below to listen to a sample.
The Hidden Child
The story of Maud Dahme, who as a child living in Europe during World War II, was saved from a concentration camp by a courageous Christian family.
Click below to listen to a sample.
Tracking, mixing, mastering and even artwork and photography can all be done at Sands Creative Studios. Click here to visit the CD Projects page
Daniel Belaire hails from Canada and has a powerful and unique voice with tons of passion. He's also an all around cool character and a hard worker in the vocal booth. Here is a cut from Daniel's CD that shows the sensitivity and pathos that makes him such a wonderful singer.
Just When I Needed You Most.mp3

Jeannie is a strong songwriter as well as a singer with a special quality. A fun person to work with too, which is always a big plus. Here three song EP, "So This is How it Starts," has just been released and is available on iTunes.
Anything You Say.mp3

The Only One You See.mp3

See if I Care.mp3

Here is a song just recorded at Sands Creative Studios entitled, "Here I Am." The singer is Britanni Fonseca and she recently won a vocalist competition at which Robert was a judge. Her 1st place prize was a chance to come into his studio to record her winning song. She sang to a prerecorded track but the song has been put on the site as an example of vocal production and recording quality at Sands Creative Studios. A wonderful singer with a big voice who was a pleasure to record. Enjoy!
Here I Am.mp3

- Score to Picture
- Songwriting & Production
- Jingles/Commercial Music Beds
- Corporate Video Scoring
- CD Mastering
- Sound Design
- Recording Voice Overs

BREAKING NEWS! - 24 brand new shows that are now using Robert's music: - CBS Sports Spectacular
- NFL Today
- College Basketball/CBS
- Amish Mafia
- Flipping Boston
- Fugawi
- Secretly Pregnant
- Double Divas
- Monsters & Mysteries in America
- Discovery Military
- Flipping the Whitehouse
- Ragin Cajuns
- Silver Rush
- Under Siege
- ID Discovery
- True Life
- Staten Island Law
- Ink Master
- My Strange Addiction
- Great British Countryside
- Maria Menounos (about to air)
- Pigman
- Love & Hip Hop Atlanta
- Polygamy USA

Current as well as recent TV shows to feature Robert's music: - Pawn Stars
- Cajun Pawn Stars
- Duck Dynasty
- NBA Playoffs
- Real Housewives of Miami
- Porter Ridge Road
- I Killed my BFF
- Most Likely To
   (opening theme as well as    underscore)
- Counting Cars
- Monster In Laws
- Hollywood's Most Notorious Crimes
- Bayou Billionaires
- Married My Killer
   (opening theme as well as    underscore)
- Cheer
- BBQ Pitmasters
- World's Dirtiest Man Curiosity
- Texas Car Wars
- Four Weddings
- Toddlers and Tiaras
- HealthBeat
   (opening theme and end credits    music)
- Deadliest Tech
- Devil You Know
- Fighting Tuna
- Four Weddings
- Too Cute
- Celebrity Ghost Stories
- Shocking Family Secrets
    (opening theme)
- High School Spirits
- Haunted Treasures
- Saved
- Carfellas
- Haunted
- Long Island Medium
- Haunted Collector
- Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta
- Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids
- First 48
- Celebrity House Hunting
- American Digger (opening theme)
- March Madness
- Antiques Road Show
- American Restoration
- Behind the Music
- Killer Sharks
- NY Ink
- Shark City
- Texas Women
- Storm Chasers
- Bad Girl's Club
- House of Consignment
- Swanderosa
- Celebrity Nightmares Decoded
- American Guns
- Moonshiners
- World's Dirtiest Man Curiosity
- Abandoned
- Oprah's Lifeclass
- Auction Hunters
- Most Terrifying Places in America
- Comic Book Men
- North Woods Law
- Angels Among Us
- Love Games
- Houston Family Chronicles

Robert's music has been heard on the following television networks: - CBS
- VH1
- Discovery Channel
- History Channel
- Animal Planet
- Syfy
- Lifetime
- A&E
- Bravo
- The Movie Channel
- The Movie Channel 2
- The Mystery Channel
- Showtime
- Showtime 2
- Showtime Extreme
- Starz
- Biography
- Spike TV
- The Science Network
- Travel Channel
- Oxygen
- Planet Green

2012 London Summer Olympics In the spring of 2012, Robert was asked to create music for the London Summer Olympics - a very exciting project! A couple of the pieces can be heard on Robert's home page by clicking on the titles - "Power and Glory" and "A Shining Moment."

Robbie Plays the Blues Here are a couple of You Tube videos of Rob improvising some blues piano.

Blues Piano Improv. on Yamaha P-250

Slow Blues Piano on Yamaha P-250
News Robert's music can now be
heard in the new feature film
"Far Out Isn't Far Enough."


"In My Life"
Cory "City" Fandel "ft. Faith"

I've just begun working on Cory "City" Fandel's first CD. Cory is a hip hop artist from Hoboken, NJ and he's the real deal. I'm super stoked about his future. Together, he and I are going to put out some potent tracks and I predict that he's going to make a huge impact when his record drops later this year. We've just finished the first track entitled "In My Life." The song is about Cory's uncle, the legendary Marine, John Basilone, who was a WWII Medal of Honor recipient and American hero. The song features the wonderful singer, Faith. We want to thank Faith for giving us such a passionate performance on the track. We created this video as a way to introduce "In My Life" and honor Cory's uncle.

The Making of "Broken Waltz"
I recently produced a song for a young, new artist by the name of Patty Doyle. It was a lot of fun getting to work with her. Here is a video we shot of the song, Broken Waltz, after we had finished it. Patty has a bright future ahead of her. Talented writer, wonderful voice and all around cool girl.

Savannah is going to be a huge star and it's beyond exciting to be working with her. We did 3 songs together and here's one of them - "Dance With Me." Dance pop track with a Middle Eastern vibe to it. We can imagine a video done to this song with Savannah in a Cleopatra outfit, waking up after her centuries old sleep deep inside the pyramid. Dancing with the hunky Egyptian servants, she seduces the Pharaoh and returns to her rightful place on the throne. Then she slays the Pharaoh. Heh, they did that kind of stuff back then!

Turn it up loud and enjoy!